Datanomics – new department of BELTEL, dedicated to developing business solutions that utilize the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Big Data, and Predictive Analytics.

We help to reduce returns and optimize inventory, prevent accidents and reduce damage to the environment, reduce staff costs, increase the speed of reaction to the violation of the layout of goods on the shelf and much more.

We work to improve the efficiency of our customers!

Our solutions utilize modern technologies

Our solutions

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How does it work?

Each company in the course of its activity accumulates various data.
All sorts of external factors influence the process of the company’s work. Modern technologies allow you to process large amounts of data, take into account external factors and make predictions on their basis that help to solve certain tasks.

Beltel Datanomics works closely with Microsoft and offers solutions based on Microsoft Azure cloud, which provides many ready-made services for transforming data into an intelligent action.

Analysis of the current situation and assessment of the scale of losses. Understanding how we can help
Preparation for the pilot project: obtaining initial data and developing a model
Pilot project launch, integration with enterprise systems creation of a user-friendly web interface, user education
Industrial operation Getting the most out of the solution
Scaling the solution when business grows

Terms of reference is the basis of the project

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